Cookie Segelstein

Parental Controls

It’s 10PM.

Do you know where your children are?

Of course, they’re upstairs on the computer.
But wait, do you know what websites are available to them?
Who are they chatting with?

In today’s world, even your home computer can offer kids access to places that most of us as adults would not dare venture. With Mac OS X 10.5’s Parental Controls, you can closely monitor what your kids are doing on the computer, and set limits that you control. I can help you customize your computer for use with many different users with varying levels of access. This includes:
    Block access to inappropriate websites.
    Create visitation logs for iChat, websites and applications.
    View blocked sites your kids tried to visit.
    Limit emails to only approved addresses.
    Only allow access to selected applications.
    Set time limits, including weekday, weekend, and bedtime for computer use.
    Create a simplified “finder” for younger children.